Club Volo Libero Ticino and SHV/FSVL are pleased to organize the first Swiss Hike and Fly Championship, in the suggestive Onsernone Valley.

The first Swiss championships in Hike&Fly will be held from 4 to 6 October 2019. This is a discipline that has been constantly evolving for some years thanks to the new materials developed and appearing on the market that allow the weights of the complete flight equipment to be kept below 6 kg. The competition base will be located at the facilities present at the Vergeletto hockey rink and the lawn in front will be an ideal landing field for participants. The races will be divided into three days with possible different types of tests that will have as the only essential requirement that participants can move only on foot or flying a paraglider. The region of the high Onsernone and Vergeletto Valley offers an ideal terrain for this discipline, the many high mountains surrounding the race field will be a challenging setting for competitors who, with their backpacks on their shoulders, will walk up the slopes in search of areas conducive to takeoff and generous thermal currents, which can take pilots away in flight even tens and tens of kilometers, before returning in the evening to the base of Zardign. Participants will be offered board and lodging in the area. It is expected for the population and accompanying events.

The event is promoted by the Club Volo Libero Ticino, which will take care of the technical part, in collaboration with local partners for accommodation and service refreshment stalls and trails.

The organizing committee includes: Biagio Lepori, Remo Chiesa, Paolo Fornera, Davide Darni, Stephan Chiesa, Andrea Voumard, Mike Keller.